They describing it as their first « event set », meaning it a set about a huge lore event (Nicol Bolas invading Ravnica and luring tons of Planeswalkers there), rather than a plane like most sets.This set is basically the big finale of an arc that has been the main story since Kaladesh, when Nicol Bolas started assembling the pieces for his big invasion (Kaladesh block was about how he got that big portal, Amonkhet block was about how he got his big zombie army, Ixalan block was about how he got [[The Immortal Sun]] to stop the Planeswalkers from escaping, Dominaria plot showed how Lilliana, the woman in the trailer, ended up working for Bolas against her wishes, M19 was about Nicol Bolas backstory, and the two recent Ravnica sets were about tension building on Ravnica as Nicol Bolas started trying to influence the guilds and exert his influence to prepare for the invasion). Although Nicol Bolas has been scheming for a lot longer than that (the original [[Nicol Bolas]] card is very old, but I believe we first became aware that Nicol Bolas was a Planeswalker and was planning something big with [[Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker]] showed up back in Alara block).Basically, lore wise, this set is a really, really big deal. Both the woman and the dragon are planeswalkers [[Liliana Vess]] and [[Nicol Bolas, the Ravager]], specifically.

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