But they wear feathers, ribbons, and metal jewelry in best hermes replica handbags their hair.You cannot wear makeup to basically edit « how the lord made you », but they all go to the tanning bed (by now, they may be doing spray tans?).You cannot wear nail polish, but they all have acrylic nails glued onto their hands and have them french manicured last time I checked, that not natural.Not to count, they own more outfits than I ever own in my lifetime and are constantly buying new stuff. They adorn their body more than any other person I know, all while rocking to the butt hair, long skirts, a fake tan, etc.I honestly respect it so much more if their reply was something along the lines of just wanting to dress modestly.EDIT Granted, this is a mega church with Pentecostals from all around the area. Some drive like an hour.

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