CK Council Puts canada goose uk shop Emergency Flooding Response On Hold

The canada goose clearance Municipality of Chatham Kent has decided canada goose black friday sale to hold off canada goose outlet in usa on moving forward with recommendations for flooding relief on Erie Shore Dr., despite desperate calls for action from home owners.

At Monday night council meeting, councillors voted 15 0 buy canada goose jacket for canada goose outlet uk sale Infrastructure and Engineering Services to consider both proposed solutions from Councillor Trevor Thompson and administration, and come back to council with a report by the end of the year.

Home and cottage owners along Erie Shore Dr. in Blenheim have been faced with many incidents of flooding in recent months, due to strong winds and high water levels.

The proposed solution cheap canada goose from administration is to request that Infrastructure and Engineering Services provide technical guidance to homeowners on locations, pit and drainage design, and potential suppliers to help facilitate the installation of private property sump pits.

Councillor Thompson recommendation is to direct Infrastructure and Engineering Services to work with homeowners to locate and install ten catch basins and gravity drains in Canada Goose Coats On Sale the area of Dyke Rd. that will drain into the Burk drainage scheme. He requests that the drains be paid canada goose outlet jackets for through a recalculation of the Burk drainage system payment scheme.

Thompson says he understands why canada goose outlet sale council has decided to table the motion. He says don have enough information and I can appreciate that. think what I failed to get across and what they fail to understand, and I don blame them, is that this has been going around and around for 20 years. The last time we had all the information, it came canada goose outlet new york city back here and we cut ten drains into the dyke, says Thompson.

Thompson wants to see the municipality pursue further solutions for the flooding crisis.

love to see Canada Goose Online an affordable study, but the study is going to come back too expensive. Nothing will happen and the drainage will continue to canada goose outlet online uk be an issue. I hope something can be accomplished, but I don hold out a lot of hope for the folks of Erie Shore Dr., says Thompson.

Mayor Randy Hope says he is concerned that council will make decisions based on passion, rather than fact. He says he is worried that canada goose outlet online council is not fully educated about the flooding situation at Erie Shore Dr. and needs further consultation.

Councillor Jeff Wesley also expressed worries about rushing into recommendations, saying that he does Canada Goose online not have a clear picture in his mind of what was being discussed. He also says that it is difficult to choose between Councillor Thompson and the engineering department recommendations.

In the meantime, the Interim Control Bylaw was passed at council 14 1. This bylaw canada goose outlet grants the municipality permission to restrict existing development and land use at Erie Shore Dr. for one year until the canada goose outlet canada flooding crisis is dealt with.

The bylaw prohibits the following:

Use of any land, building, or structure for any purpose whatsoever, except for a use that lawfully existed on the date of passage of this bylaw

Be permitted to construct, make alterations that would require a building permit, enlarge a building or structure, except if the construction or alteration is deemed necessary for safety, structural reasons, or flooding protection.

The reconstruction of a destroyed building or structure, unless approved by the chief building official or general manager

Municipality of Chatham Kent Chief Legal Officer John Norton says the main purpose of the bylaw is to prohibit people from spending money on their properties until the flooding crisis is tackled.

For example, he does not want residents to invest money into flipping houses or cheap canada goose uk renovating until there is a system for dealing with the flooding in place. Norton says the municipality does not want to see people investments lost.

Council has also voted unanimously to endorse a letter of support to participate as a partner in the to the Future, Storm, and Ice Regime in official canada goose outlet the Great Lakes proposal in order to develop a Lake Erie Integrated Shoreline Management Plan.

If the proposal is awarded funding by Natural Resources Canada, the municipality would match a share of $50,000 in 2018 and $50,000 in 2019, to be funded through the Strategic Development Reserve. canada goose black friday sale A decision is expected early next year.

Peter Zuzek from Zuzek Inc. is leading the proposal with a team of consulting experts. Zuzek has 25 years of experiencing working on consulting assignments across coastal regions of the world on erosion, flooding, shoreline management, and other risk assessments.

Zuzek says the partnership will allow federal and provincial ministries to come in and work with the municipality. He adds that Chatham Kent will be canada goose outlet shop used as a case study of climate change in the Great Lakes.

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