« Brasilia was under tight security, with 3,000 police patrolling the event. Military tanks, fighter jets and even anti aircraft missiles also were deployed. His intestine was pierced when a knife wielding man stabbed and nearly killed him, and today Bolsonaro wears a colostomy bag.

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Canada Goose sale Save money and time and give yourself a damn break. Their financial success cannot be denied. But strong sales and a strong moral compass are not the same thing. If you Democrat turncoats have even an OUNCE of intelligence, or an OUNCE of honour, you will vote with your brains rather than what your private parts say. I ain’t even gonna hesitate to pick Joe Biden, because i know he has experience, he’s not tied to major lobbyists, and he knows the problems facing lower income bracket americans, not just the problems facing oil executives like Palin. That being said i hope nothing happens to Obama, because I support him and got love for him, and if Mccain wins i seriously hope he doesn’t die, because i don’t like who’s next in line even more than the man who voted against a federal holiday for MLK before voting for it. Canada Goose sale

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