I generally categorize wool socks into two: old world, new world. In my pea brain nutshell, the old world tends to be thicker wool socks, using other wools than merino (typically more durable/thicker), looser fit because the principle is on creating more pockets of air for insulation, and usually not for the washer/dryer (without making cabbage patch socks). The new world uses merino, blends it with other fibers (nylon), is knitted to be fitted (less insulation, more compacted?).

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uk canada goose Details are starting to emerge about Vice President Joe Biden’s work for Creigh Deeds on Oct. 8. Biden will be headlining a Deeds fundraiser at a private home in Alexandria that morning. Capitalism rules, too much advertising, tv and news coverage is horrible, both parents are always working, access and emphasis on guns is bizarre. In England, for the most part there are no adverts on the roads, BBC is nice (the news people don at you like they do in the USA), BBC radio is great too, Shops close at 4pm on Sundays. (They used to be closed on Sundays). uk canada goose

canada goose coats I keep hearing about the so called « Main Stream Media » (MSM) and how liberal and supportive of the Democratic Party they are, so that made me ask myself some questions. Who mostly owns stock in big corporations that own newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television networks and local television stations across our country and in fact the world, poor people, middle class people, or wealthy people? I think the answer is obviously wealthy people. When wealthy people own the majority of stock in a company they control it. canada goose coats

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