I got a stack of them burning a hole in my pocket, but there doesn seem to be any 10+1 promos going on right now, so should I just wait?It really is a bit like an instrument the more you practice, the easier things will feel. Make sure you adjusted both your timing and your song speeds to whatever fits you best the timing tester isn very useful in my opinion, so I just used the same team and some similar songs and adjusted the timing until I found the area where I naturally had the mostBecause you limited in space, I focus on not trying to idolize and max bond/level every N you get until you have reasonably solid teams.You will have a harder time with lower level teams because you have less stamina an idolized R card should have 4, so if you have a team full of Rs you have 36 stamina.Snow Halation, Aishiteru Banzai, and Unbalanced Love are three of what I feel to be the most natural EX songs, but my first EX Full Combo was on After School Navigators.If you particularly fond of either one of the third years (Eli, Nozomi, Nico) or someone in the lily white unit (Rin, Umi, Nozomi), you should get limited scouting for them this event, with the guaranteed SR+. I get wildly different timing values every time I use it.

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