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Canada Goose Parka Civic body under pressure to speed up on going road widening projectsKSRTC night bus services will start with a message on women safetyOverworked and underpaid, librarians find the going toughMobile app to survey 2.2 crore farm plots in kharif, rabi seasonsFor domestic violence victims, justice is a long way off’Officials misled CM on textbook availability’105 banks accounts held by IMA and Mansoor Khan: EDDy. CM stands his ground on moratorium on apartmentsCS asked to draw up modalities on hiking ST quota in jobs, educationIndira Canteens come in for criticismHC asks BBMP, BDA to verify allegations of encroachment of SWDsGovt. Takes steps to ensure safety, quality of free bicycles7 BBMP officials suspendedFurnish certified copies of Prajwal’s poll documents, HC tells Hassan DCTechnician held for harassing women’I apologise to students for traffic jam’Legislature session from July 12KSEEB publishes model answersGPF accounts statements for 2018 19CM plans village stay in every districtCall for Hiriyur bandh on July 1Workshop for Kannada teachers at JSS College, Dharwad, from todayPoor connectivity hits Sakleshpur villagers hardCITU council meeting from August 7ZP members take president to task for delay in organising general meetingRegret over seer’s remarkHubballi residents stage protest, force corporation to take action12,000 children for ISKCON Heritage FestRun with Sufiya tomorrowSharanabasaveshwar PU College records good performance in NEETGang strikes at two housesGood rain gives hopeSeminar on positive aging todayMCC launches online payment facility for water billsJayachamaraja Wadiyar’s birth centenary celebrations to begin on July 18Govt Canada Goose Parka.

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