Europeans know they will have to greater energy independence from Russian oil and gas Yet it takes time to replace those supplies and they have to look at other alternatives. If less gas from Russia were bought, it would surely inflict harm on its economy, which deeply relies on natural resources. On the other hand Europeans would feel the pain, should Moscow might retaliate against sanctions by restricting their energy supplies..

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canada goose uk official They then contacted our zoo, which is our registry of wildlife health and our specialist forensic pathologists who were able to immediately go out there, assess what’s going on, quickly determine that this is a disease event that hadn’t been seen before, it’s wiping out the population. They then called our specialist in the husbandry and caring for turtles, they went and rescued 17 turtles out of that river, which became part of the breeding program, because we nearly lost every turtle in that river due to this disease. And then we’ve been able to use that registry of pathology to discover what is happening there, monitor the river to see if it’s going to happen again, all at the same time breeding up turtles for release back into the river, so we can save that species, and that’s what has been going on canada goose uk official.

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