This is an extremely successful business with market leading products and services, a history of innovation, a robust customer base, and a highly qualified committed team focused on growth.Talk back: Is it important for private equity firms getting involved with the hosting business to seek out deals that involve existing management? Have you had experience with a co founder wanting to get out of the business? Let us know in the comments.It is certainly a healthy indicator for the web hosting industry that private equity groups continue to acquire hosting companies around the world. Regarding this deal, obviously it is far less risky for the buyer when one of the equity partners going forward is one of the original founders.My thoughts to your question Liam it is almost a given that a private equity firm will only make an acquisition where there will be significant senior management remaining in place following the acquisition. The exceptions are smaller follow up acquisitions where the existing platform company management team is running the deal and will handle post closing management and integration of the smaller target company..

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