Oh, right, the game! Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy aka Shady are both out, so the Bills went and signed Percy Harvin, the former Seahawk who retired last year. Is a player who hasn played in 13 months going to help this offence? Probably not. But this is a Bills team that gave up 28 points to the Dolphins in Week 6 when everything was going right for them.

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vibrators It’s an insult to call that justice. You are silencing the players through mass murder. Remember this, those who call themselves knights must not hide behind a shield of false justice. Plus intressant : le vote auprs de ceux qui dclarent avoir l’intention de voter est sans ambigut. 69% des votants sont CONTRE la privatisation d’ADP, avec ici un clivage sur l’ge des rpondants. Les plus gs sont plus nombreux (79% des 65+) s’opposer la privatisation que les plus jeunes (57% des 18 34) vibrators.

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