We’ve seen in 2012 there was a record ice melt up there. And, you know, we’re seeing acceleration of the glaciers in Greenland. But ice physics is very complex and, you know, scientists up until recently sort of had this idea that they could calculate how fast a big ice sheet like Greenland can melt and have a good idea of what sea level rise rates might be like in the future.

canada goose « He was a courageous witness and a powerful storyteller, » said Kenny Irby, with the Poynter Institute in Florida. Irby, who had known Mr. Du Cille for 35 years, said he brought those traits to his assignments and was known for « giving » voice to the voiceless and preserving the dignity of those who were in his viewfinder.. canada goose

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uk canada goose « This is not about marriage either, » she continued, dismissing popular narratives rooting social ills in the dissolution of nuclear families. « Poverty among married people has increased three times as fast as poverty for single mothers. » Delavega then made a request of the panel and audience: She asked everyone to hold an image in their minds: « If you see a [black] child in the street, you can flip a coin, » she said, illustrating the percentage the yes or no nature of economic security in Memphis. It was a dramatic moment in the presentation, but hardly the most alarming statistic in her report.. uk canada goose

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cheap Canada Goose DREISBACH: When we last left off, it was 1999. McCain was still fighting for campaign finance reform. Mitch McConnell, of course, was fighting against it. One reason often cited for the disparity is that women tend to start businesses in fields such as administrative services that don’t foster the growth of big companies. But there’s another characteristic of women owned businesses that may be more telling. According to the US Census data, women start with less capital than men and are less likely to take on additional debt to expand their businesses cheap Canada Goose.

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