So space lifts would serve no real purpose.I don like things that are only there to « look sci fi y » when they serve no purpose in the lore. 6 points submitted 2 months agoWhat if they had some in lore as older structures that were built before the energy storage issue had been solved?This might be a neat way to resolve the issue of rendering Earth. This space could then be kitted out using a simple CIG approved modding tool that provides all the high fidelity textures and assets that have been coded to already work in game.You could have a neon sign generator for your shop front, available in different fonts, sizes and colours.You could design your own NPC to man your store while you’re away.You could have it as purely a hang out space for you or NPCs and doesn’t have to be a retail space at all.The point is that with streets lined with purchasable plots, with tools designed for them to be customised in infinite combinations, it would solve the problem of the city feeling small and confined to a few hero locations, and would allow the locations to feel different, not procedurally generates, and takes the creative burden away from CIG, who have another 100 star systems to build.It would be a form of controlled modding.

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